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Wicked (Celestra, #4) - Addison Moore Okay, I just finished WICKED, and don't quite know how to explain why I feel so NUMB.(Maybe it's because like all the other books in the Celestra series, WICKED is un-put-downable, so I've only gotten 6 hours of sleep in the last two days lol.)Maybe it's because the speed readers that finished it within hours of its release declared that the ending was like so shocking and horrifying that I expected to want to throw this book at the wall in frustration as soon as I finished. That never happened. In fact my reaction was more like "Oh, that's it. OK. What happens next?"Maybe I've just become immune to cliffhangers: The ending of A. Moore's books always drop me in a cavernous hole, but I never panic, because I know I will be able to climb out using the knowledge I gain from the following book.WICKED does start exactly where things left off at Skyla's birthday party, and things go crazy from there. As usual, A. Moore gives us the twists and turns and dips that we've come to expect from this series, but she also throws in some gravity-defying leaps as well (*winking at Skyla lol*)Here are some other things to look forward to (tidbits, not spoilers lol):- Gage's behavior in the first half is just WTF?! But there's a motive and of course...it involves Chloe- Holden Kragger's ghost is still wreaking havoc in Skyla's life, and she is forced to make a promise to him that she better keep- We learn who and what Skyla's mother really is- Emily goes from being a peripheral character to having a more important role for a very spooky reasonI will say this book is ONLY for people who are already enthralled with this series; DON'T START with this book if you haven't already read at least 2 of the others.