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Genesis - Bernard Beckett Okay. So I really really like this book. But I can understand why others might not.Genesis definitely made me rethink what it means to be human, and if that definition adequately differentiates man from machine. Art makes a very good point on pp. 98-99; but in the end, I agree with Adam: 'I am not a machine. I am curiosity, I am reason, I am love, and I am hatred. I am indifference. I am the reason my mother laughed and the reason my mother cried. I am wonder and I am wondrous. Yes, the world may push your buttons as it passes through your circuitry. But the world does not pass through me. It lingers. I am in it and it is in me. I am the means by which the universe has come to know itself. I am the thing no machine can ever make. I am meaning.'I love books that force me to think, in reality, not just the abstract. I like science and (believable) science fiction. I also like MC's that I can relate to and connect with. And Genesis gives me all 3.There is very little action in this book (at the beginning and very end) if any, and technically this book is just pages and pages and pages of dialogue. But I felt Beckett was smart in turning the story into an oral examination that we must go through with Anaximander, so we're learning and thinking alongside her and not just having a huge infodump thrust upon us.It did take me much longer than it would most of you to read a 150 page book. It was weird, but every ten pages or so I had to stop and let the words I'd just read walk around in my mind for a while, stretch, do some pilates lol. There is a lot of information to take in: questions, answers, unanswered questions. But I feel like I am better, smarter, and more prepared for the future described in Genesis (just hope it comes later than sooner lol).