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Still Missing - Chevy Stevens, Angela Dawe Read LISTEN to this book!The premise sounded very interesting, so I downloaded the sample onto my Kindle Fire, but the few pages I read couldn't hold my attention, and I put it down before I finished the first chapter. Fortunately, I didn't give up completely; I checked out the reviews here on Goodreads, and someone mentioned how good the audio book version was.Wanting to test out the Audible app on my Fire anyway, I purchased the unabridged audio edition of Still Missing. 3rd best decision I've made about books in 2011! [becoming obsessed with [author:Addison Moore|4096668]'s Celestra's series is #2, and buying [b:Divergent|8306857|Divergent (Divergent, #1)|Veronica Roth|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Mry4w810L._SL75_.jpg|13155899] on the day it came out is #1].The words that fall flat on the page come to life through the voice of narrator Angela Dawe. She is excellent! I could listen to this woman read the yellow pages lol.If you still want to read this novel, you may not be disappointed...but listen to it, and you will be hooked until the very end.