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Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer I absolutely loved this novella. I've loved all the novellas in this series so far - even more so than the actual books. I know it's not necessary to read novellas to follow the plot, but I can't imagine enjoying this series as much as I do if I didn't understand the history and therefore the motivation of specific (read: my favorite) characters, and that's what the novellas offer.I even got to see a different side of Quinn, which has made me less annoyed with her =)And I think Kemmerer did an excellent job of showing the internal struggle that someone goes through when they're hiding an essential part of themselves. The way she showed Nick constantly reminding himself to ignore his feelings and adhere to the expectations his brothers have for him was so sad and seemed very real.Because of BREATHLESS I'm definitely impatient now about the release of Nick's book =(